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Is the “Pro-Life” Movement Really Pro-Life?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Is the “pro-life” movement really pro-life? That is a very interesting and necessary question to ask. A better and perhaps a more specific question to ask would be, “is the pro-life movement anti-abortion?” That is the question worth answering because many well-intentioned people have been assuming that they’ve known the answer all along. Isn’t the answer found in the very title “pro-life”? Can one really be pro-life and not be against abortion? Sadly, it seems that many feel comfortable clinging to the title of being pro-life and making the movement about anything other than abolishing abortion.

This is the 48th year that it has been perfectly acceptable (I refuse to say legal) in the sovereign state of Idaho for mothers to personally murder or, if they prefer, to contract out the killing of their unborn sons and daughters. This is the 48th year that much legislation is passed around the chambers of Idaho’s congress claiming to be “pro-life.” And this is the 48th year where not a single child will be saved from the heinous crime we politely call “abortion.”

To be clear, “abortion” is the murder of a child through various methods such as but not limited to drug induced miscarriages, dismemberment, and chemical baths that burn the victim alive. We have become very adept and skillful in the manner in which we dispatch of the unwanted and unborn, though certainly not any more humane than the pagans of old. Abortion is murder. Those who perform the action of murder are murderers. Those who seek out those to murder on their behalf are guilty of murder via proxy. There is simply no other way to describe this act that we call “abortion,” therefore there is no other way to address the issue. This is where the “pro-life” movement becomes perfect aligned with those they are supposed to oppose.

There are a variety of ways in which “pro-life” bills attempt to stem the tide of abortions throughout our land. Some are known as “heartbeat bills” where it’s still perfectly acceptable to murder the unborn (we wouldn’t want to start sounding like an abolitionist) so long as there is no heartbeat detected. But of course, these bills can be completely discarded if the pregnancy was the result of rape, incest, or if it endangers the mother’s (yes, the mother’s…irony is lost on the reprobate) physical or mental well-being. In a day when mental wellbeing can describe mood swings, I’d say that all pregnancies endanger the mother’s well-being. Please understand that not one single baby has been saved through any type of heartbeat bill.

Other “pro-life” bills seek to cut tax dollars off from paying for abortions. They certainly would never begrudge any woman the luxury of killing her offspring, they just don’t feel like the taxpayers should foot the bill. But yet again, there are always stipulations and loopholes that, in the end, won’t stop federal and state tax dollars from financing the murder of babies. You can rest assured that your tax dollars have and will continue to line the pockets of baby killers so long as this crime continues to be acceptable in our land.

Pro-life groups and lobbyists don’t seem that concerned with the actual abolition of abortion. They say that this is the goal they are working toward, yet none of them are introducing bills that would actually achieve, or even work toward achieving this supposedly desired end. There is no use in speculating as to their motives (though if abortion were to cease tomorrow, what would a lobbyist do for a living?). It is enough to judge them by their deeds.

Last year Idaho had a wonderful abolition bill (then HB361) that would have forever washed the stain of abortion from our sovereign state. That bill was aggressively opposed and lobbied against by supposed pro-life groups, one of which was Idaho Chooses Life (again, the irony just doesn’t seem to be understood). These groups do not want abortion to be outlawed, just regulated. To make abortion illegal would mean that those who perform abortions and those who seek abortions would be lawbreakers. And because abortion ends the life of an unsuspecting human being, these law breakers would have to be tried as murderers. And because most people schedule an appointment, these murders would fall under the premeditated variety. These implications are simply too much for these supposed pro-life groups and their friends in the capitol.

My point is twofold: First, to state the obvious fact that abortion is murder, those who seek and perform abortions are guilty of murder, and that murderers must held responsible for their actions. This is righteousness 101. Second, before you give your time and money to any pro-life group or organization you should ask the necessary questions. Are these people actually trying to abolish abortion or are they simply trying to regulate it? Wickedness must be irradicated, not regulated. We don’t want passable legislation; we want righteous legislation.

One day, there will be a perfectly righteous administration governing this earth. When the Lord Jesus Christ is seated upon His throne, we will all give an accounting of our deeds. Will He be pleased to review our regulation of murder? I think not.

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