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“Satan Uses Republicans Too”

As we speak, there is a bill before the Idaho House State Affairs committee (HB 525) that is gaining traction as a pro-life bill. The bill, if made into law, would not allow for any Idaho tax dollars to be used for the purpose of aborting (murdering) pre-born infants with the exception of babies who are conceived in rape/incest, or for the health of the mother (whatever that means). At a glance, this might seem like a positive step toward a pro-life solution to the question of abortion. But understand that this is not at all a pro-life bill. This is simply a conservative pro-abortion bill.

Those who identify as being politically or economically conservative usually express their ideas in terms of limited government programs and limited government spending. That is exactly what this bill promises to do. This bill promises all of Idaho’s conservative residents that they need not fear that their tax dollars will be used to indiscriminately slaughter babies willy nilly. This bill promises to only use government money to kill a very select group of babies. The logic goes something like this: we conservatives believe that you should have to cough up the money to kill your own baby, but in certain cases we’re ok with the government footing the bill. How very conservative of them.

We have made the mistake of thinking that only the Democratic National Convention and its members are pro-abortion. While it is true that the DNC has now made murder on demand a priority platform issue, it would be a gross miscalculation to think that the GOP is a “pro-life” party. There are 60 members of Idaho’s congress and only 14 of them are registered Democrats. The House State Affairs committee, the committee reviewing HB 525, contains 15 congressmen and congresswomen; only 3 of which are Democrats. If this were a Red vs. Blue issue, there would never have been abortion in the state of Idaho. This is not a political issue. This is a righteousness issue.

The most egressions part of this whole story is that the same committee has before them a bill that would immediately expunge abortion from our state. HB 361 is a bill that would strip abortion of any nuanced definition and call it what it is; murder. Why does the predominantly Republican committee not rush to debate and pass this bill? Because they do not want to abolish abortion. They just want conservative abortion.

As believers, we have a duty to stand for righteousness. We should long for a day when our state no longer promotes the murder of infants. We should be begging our representatives to take a stand for righteousness. And we should rise up to replace the ones that do not.

Our current legislators have absolutely no fear of God. But like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day, they fear the people. In Matthew 21:26 and again in v. 46, the heart of these wicked men is exposed. They only desire to discredit and then do away with Jesus, their rightful king. They are motivated by pure hatred of righteousness as their own pride and sin is revealed. Yet they are checked from immediate action because “they feared the people.” If our representatives refuse to fear God, repent of their wickedness and uphold righteousness; then it is time that they fear the people that they represent. Contact them. Pray for them. If they will not listen, replace them.


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